Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funkie Baby

Funkie Baby makes bibs, burp cloths (Burpies) and little mats that can be used for infant tummy time or as a changing mat (Go Mats). I'm in love with their modern yet vintage fabric designs. The examples shown here are only a few of their timeless looks.

Each of their three items are made using a triple layer technique with the front and the back being cotton, but the middle being a soft, soak-proof lining. And all are machine washable!

The Bibs are very generously sized keeping your child clean and dry. They're soft and great for wearing during those drooling, teething days...the triple layers keep your baby nice and dry! The Burpies are also large enough to keep your shoulder clean and soft enough to keep your baby comfortable.

And the Go Mats, I can't tell you enough how much I love these! They fold up quite small (even with the triple layer design) and are perfect for stashing in your bag for either your mom's club meeting where you can let baby out of their car seat and put them safely on to a clean surface for some tummy time. Or you can keep one in the car for unexpected diaper changes.

Visit to find a retailer near you and for a list of online stores.

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