Monday, August 5, 2013

OMG! J.Crew Maternity

I thought my family of five was complete...until I noticed the Maternity Pixie Pant on J.Crew's website this morning.

The Pixie has a classic cigarette silhouette and would be a great staple in any pregnant woman's wardrobe; they will always be in style and can be paired with any shirt!  The Maternity Pixie Pant comes in black, navy and pinot noir (at least there's one safe way to enjoy wine during the 9-month hiatus) and is available at for $118.

If J.Crew expands their maternity line any further, I may have to consider adding to my family...or at least entertain the idea of becoming a surrogate, as my BFF suggested when I told her the news. (I'm joking.  I'm at least 98.2% joking...)

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