Friday, August 29, 2008

Countdown to Baby Boxes

My pregnant self was at the playground last week with a couple of friends and our children when one of them asked me, "Aren't you just ready to meet the baby?" And my answer was a definite yes! I can't wait to see her face, hold her tiny hands in my fingers, to watch her personality reveal itself, to see her with her big brother and big sister, and to finally, formally welcome her to the world, and wish her a Happy Birthday! Even with my four year old son and two year old daughter to run after all day, the anticipation is great...and this is my third child! Don't even get me started with the ants in my pants when pregnant for the first time with my son!

And for those in your life who are as impatient or as passionate or sensitive as myself, I lead you to the Countdown Boxes! These are such a great idea for any new parent in an Advent calendar for grownups! Starting 10 days before the baby's due date (or a scheduled induction), parents start with opening box #10... until all of the boxes are opened and the baby's due date has arrived!

Items will include 10 of the following based on availability: onesie, hat, bib, thermometer, nail clippers, nail files, infant Tylenol, book, rattle, socks, pacifier, booties, washcloths, spoon, diaper rash lotion, baby shampoo, baby lotion, teething toy, nasal aspirator, and hair accessories (if you choose the baby girl package).

The Countdown Boxes all fit nicely into one large box for easy gift giving and are available for $39.99 at And if you're choosey like myself, you can order an empty set of the boxes ready to fill with your own items for $25.00.

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