Monday, September 22, 2008

AeroBed for Kids

A few weeks ago we were on a family trip and realized that our daughter was about a week away from outgrowing her travel crib. When our son hit the same milestone we began booking business suites so that he could sleep on the pullout bed (and my husband and I could stay up past 8:00 pm and watch a movie). When our daughter came along her crib was simply set up alongside the couch bed.

But as I set up the travel crib for her for the last time, I questioned where they would sleep in the future seeing as they are unable to share a bed...they both roll and kick and move way too much! And regardless of our daughter's growth, we have a baby on the way who will require the crib. So I was thrilled when I found the AeroBed for Kids!

When it arrived at our house, the family gathered around to watch the new travel staple get set up for the first time. Without reading any instructions, I was able to set it up in 3 minutes...seriously. The included electronic air pump works in a snap (60 seconds to be exact) and the sheet (also included) is secured with elastic straps under the mattress.

The mattress is large measuring 50" by 25" with a 4" elevated surround safety cushion that will keep children from rolling off. My son who is an average-sized 4 1/2 year old was really comfortable on it as well and would probably fit in it for at least another year...making this an investment that will last a few years.

Available at or for $67.00.

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