Monday, September 1, 2008

Babystyle Dots/Stripes Bedding

I've always wanted to find out the sex of my babies when I've been pregnant...even after they told me my first was a girl and I bought clothes I had to return four weeks later when they revealed he was a boy at my next ultrasound! But for those of you who don't choose to find out the sex, I have a very cute bedding option for you that isn't settling on gender-neutrality! It's the Babystyle Dandy Dots and Fresh Stripes line!

Both options are cute (and I'd suggest purchasing at least two sheets since you end up washing your baby's crib bedding quite often) and both options are gender-neutral without being the usual soft yellow or green bedding most purchase when decorating a nursery. I love that you can add a solid crib skirt of your color choice as well!

And if you do decide to go the Fresh Stripes or Dandy Dots route, Babystyle also offers many other room accessories that match from a hamper to a changing pad to a bib/burp cloth set to storage boxes. One stop shopping!

Visit to see all of the product options. Prices start at $12.00.

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