Monday, October 27, 2008


Suki Wong is the designer behind the clothing line Egg+Avocado. Named such as Suki has had an insatiable appetite for hard-boiled eggs since childhood and her favorite sandwich is prosciutto and avocado...and forced to make a decision between egg or prosciutto for her brand name, she chose the former to keep the label shorter.

Her clothing is unique and quirky...just like children. Some of my favorite pieces from her current collection include the Connect the Dots shirt and Rooster set shown here in this post.

I appreciate the sophisticated color pallet that includes darker colors which I find look great on my children. And I also enjoy the offering of both baby and toddler sizes so that all of my children can sport the great designs!

Visit for Suki's full bio, or visit any number of online boutiques to purchase her clothing. Two I've found to have a big selection include and

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