Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Dapple is a new producer of natural-based, safe cleaning products. Their dish detergents specialize in removing milk residue out of your baby's bottles and cups...but is suggested to clean anything your baby will put into their mouth...which is everything in your house!

The smell of Dapple dish liquid is divine...a natural smelling clean due to the pure lavender essential oil used. I love that is is now possible to associate smells other than bleach with clean! And this dish detergent is made with only biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients and is SLES-free and dye-free.

Cases of 12 are available from $57.00-$68.00 at For individual containers, visit ($4.99-$5.99). Next up from Dapple will be a spray cleaner that's perfect for wiping any hard surface...I can hardly wait!

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