Monday, November 10, 2008


Mutsy strollers are colorful, well constructed, and unparalleled in flexibility! Their collection consists of four frames (each with their own specific steering features) that can be fitted with various components to suit your needs. Their seating configurations are also personalized in their three concepts: the easygrow, the sitter, and the grow-up. And if you're also on the market for a baby swing, you can simply attach your Mutsy stroller seat to a sold-separately swing stand!

But if personalizing your stroller seems like too much fuss for you, Mutsy also offers a lightweight stroller called the Spider. I can tell you from experience that it is sturdy enough for every day use, steers well, and has a great basket that is easily accessible. And like the other Mutsy strollers, the Spider also comes in a rainbow of candy colors sure to suit any personality!

Visit to purchase where they are offering free shipping...and visit to see all possible stroller configurations.

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