Friday, November 7, 2008

Sunkist Naturals

Sunkist Naturals smoothies and fruit juices are so yummy, you'd assume they were made at your corner coffee shop for $6.00 a pop. But they're much easier and healthier (and cheaper) to come by than that.

Made 100% of fruits and vegetables (including some greens), Sunkist Naturals fruit juices and smoothies are vegan and contain no dairy products. They're a great snack to keep stocked in the fridge, which is made possible due to the flash pasteurization which extends their shelf life to 60 days. Each bottle is a substantial size I've found to be perfect for me to share with my children...or keep to myself to get a healthy dose of vegetables and fruits.

Now that cold weather is settling into most parts of the country and produce prices are rising (and requiring longer shipment), Sunkist Naturals is a great way for your family to continue to meet their vitamin intake through the real thing!

Sunkist Naturals are available in the refrigerated produce section at supermarkets across the country.

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