Monday, November 17, 2008

Suzanne Myers Name Charm Necklace

I absolutely could not be more thrilled with the necklace I've received since becoming a mother of three! From Suzanne Myers comes this wonderfully designed Name Charm Necklace. Mine features my three children: August, Martha and Hazel!

The personalization of this necklace doesn't end with the stamped names! Each hand-cut charm is imperfectly (in a great way) organic. And for each charm, you get to select the border you'd like. You also get to choose the chain that best suits your style.

But wait, there's even more! You also get to select the stones for the necklace...and there are 12 wonderful's terribly difficult to decide! But Suzanne is a pleasure to work with while she lends her talented eye in decision making if you question your selections (like I did). She will design a stunning, personal necklace to suit your family perfectly! And my necklace does suit me perfectly...a stylish but slightly clunky piece that makes me feel put together on a daily basis...even with a newborn!

Necklaces start at $120.00 for one charm and two stones. Available at

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