Tuesday, November 11, 2008

White House Greetings

Both of my children have been formally greeted by the President and First Lady after their birth. Not because they are American royalty (although, who knows, perhaps some day), but because I have sent their birth information to the White House and requested a greeting. And after roughly six weeks, both have received cards signed by both George and Laura Bush...whose presidency they were both born during.

I'm currently awaiting the birth of my third child which is certain to happen within the next three days. And so I'm back on newborn business, and recently remembered I needed to once again send this information to the White House.

If you'd like to receive a congratulatory letter from the President for your baby, send the following information to the address below and you'll have an instant collectible for your new little one.
  • Name and home address of baby
  • Baby's Birth date (Include baby's full date of birth, time, weight, length and full names and address of baby and parents)
  • Your daytime phone number
Mail to:
The White House
Attn: Greetings Office
Washington, D.C. 20502-0039

I've recently learned that this service is also now available online at the following link: whitehouse.gov.

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