Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Art Station

Great Gift for Preschoolers!

One outlet that is invaluable to my children is art. Nothing gets them more excited than announcing that we're creating an art project. And when I ask them what we should give as Christmas gifts my children rack their brains for things they can make. "I could draw her a picture," my son announced this weekend when I asked what we should give their great grandma. So it's no surprise that their craft table is in a constant state of clutter with glue sticks, markers, crayons, construction paper and stickers covering every inch. But at least it's all in one place!

If your children share this same vice, I suggest investing in this art station available at Growing Up Garnet Hill. This wooden desk and matching chair is made of solid quality construction and includes a roll of paper that secures neatly in place.

Available at garnethill.com for $100.00.

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