Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blue Celery

Great Gift for Parents!

Blue Celery is the maker of this fashionable and unique baby sling that is oh so versatile! There are no clips, straps or rings to adjust and have dig into your back...and the two shouldered pouch makes carrying your baby much more comfortable...with much less strain! Also, the fabric is stretchy (but supportive) and spreads nicely on your shoulders to distribute your child's weight across your entire upper body.

The Blue Celery sling, in addition to having the most dreamy, natural colors, is also available in organic fabrics. I love that they can all be dressed up or down depending on your clothing style that day.

This hybrid sling/wrap carrier offers five carrying positions allowing you to carry your newborn up to a toddler weighing 35 pounds. There is the hip carry, upright outward, upright inward, cradle sitting and cradle lying...for discrete nursing.

Visit for more information and to find purchase locations near you or online.

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