Monday, December 1, 2008

Snowmen Kits

Great Gift for Boys and Girls!

My children and I have fun collecting sticks and plant heads (I suggest sedums) that have retired for the year and using them to decorate our snow families we build throughout winter...which began yesterday with 8 inches of snow! But even I find these two snowmen/women kits adorable!

The first is from Sundance Catalog ($28.00) and is for your eclectic, free-spirited snowman. The kit includes a wrap-around scarf and striped hat...along with mismatched button eyes and a host of other buttons for a smile and the elusive coat. All you need to do is add a carrot.

Next up is an entire family of snowpeople from The Land of Nod. You can purchase Mom, Dad and Junior together as a set ($69.99) or individually ($24.95). Each kit includes a wooden carrot nose, three buttons and coal-like eyes. Additionally, Dad comes with a corncob pipe, scarf and black hat. Mom's kit includes a shawl, stylish red hat and coal mouth. And Junior comes with a scarf, striped cap and a coal mouth.

Best of all, your kids won't have you running throughout the house gathering old winter accessories and stocking your fridge with carrots all winter long!

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