Monday, December 8, 2008

The TykeLight

Great Gift for Children!

I have tried a few different nightlights in my son's room but because he's such a light sleeper, I've found them to be the cause of many middle of the night wakings. But with the Mobi TykeLight, I can set the light to a 15 minute dimmer...the perfect amount of time for my son to relax from his day of discovery and peacefully go to sleep.

The TykeLight and TykeLight GloMate are safe as they are lit using efficient and heat-free LEDs. There are three settings: high light, low light and the 15-minute dimmer I mentioned earlier. And with many different colors, there is sure to be a TykeLight your child will be excited to share their nighttime secrets with.

The TykeLight retails for $12.99 and the TykeLight GloMate retails for $24.99. Both are availalbe at

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