Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly To-Do List

With having three children, I was in need of a new calendar system. I needed it to be one my son could look at and know what to anticipate each day. I have tried a regular calendar but didn't find there to be enough room to write each day's activities and it was way too crowded and messy looking. But I have since discovered this great pad of Weekly To-Do Lists from Mama-Mi!

The pad measures 5" by 7", which I find to be the perfect size to coordinate my week. And each pad has 70 sheets...over a year's worth or organization.

All I do each week is take out my PDA and transfer all of the information to that week's sheet...and then I hang it in the kitchen for everyone to see. And now my husband has no excuse not to ask how a doctor appointment went!

Available at for $6.00.

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