Monday, February 16, 2009

Ceramic Notepad

This ceramic notepad is from Yoyo Ceramics in the UK. I love the great spiral replica on the top and that you get three different colors (red, blue and yellow) of erasable pencils! It's a wonderful piece to cut down on paper usage if your family writes a lot of notes. And if you don't yet, as your children get older and involved in more activities, you will!

But one thing struck me when looking at this: it's basically a kitchen or bath tile (but with that cool spiral I mentioned earlier)...except this one costs approximately $35.00 and an individual tile would run $1.50. Quite the savings! Of course you'd have to purchase your own erasable marker...oh wait, you could just use your kids!

VoilĂ , one cost-effective, eco-friendly notepad for your family!

Of course, if you can't talk yourself out of the spiral accent, the original is available at

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