Friday, February 20, 2009

Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

Nut butters are one of my family's favorite foods...peanut, almond, cashew and hazelnut butters are our favorites. But no matter the nut, there is work to be done prior to partaking of the my husband despises: stirring to incorporate the oil in with the nutty goodness!

R.N. Witmer has come up with a great product to help all of us natural nut butter lovers with this troublesome and (no matter how careful you are) messy task...the Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer. This great product comes in various sizes to fit your preferred butter jar and attaches leaving all of the mess safely inside.

Each mixer features a chrome-plated stirring rod and handle along with a coated-steel lid which provides rigid support for the hand mixer. Mixing peanut butter is now so much fun, I think I may have just passed another task on to my children. That's a win for mommy!

Available for $9.95 at

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