Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hammond's Easter Candies

There is a specific kind of cookie and a handmade dark chocolate marshmallow egg from a small shop that has been in every Easter basket that I ever remember receiving from my parents. And my husband's parents have an identical giving tradition with a maple egg made by hand in a shop near Green Bay where my husband grew up. And likewise, our children have particular things they have grown to expect every year in their baskets.

I believe traditions and memories increase anticipation of events...especially for children! And what child (or adult) wouldn't want to relive biting the ear off of those adorable little chocolate bunnies up above each year?

If you'd like to start such a tradition with your children, I think Hammond's Candies are a great candidate worthy of memories...especially the chocolate-covered marshmallow and caramel filled eggs. Hammond's Candies has been creating their confections since 1920 in Colorado. In addition to their beauty, they also taste wonderfully.

Hammond's Candies are sold in a handful of stores across the country and online at hammondscandies.com.

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