Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic is chalk full of all of the best alternatives to plastic products. Some of my favorites are for children, as I'm sure you'd expect. Their plastic-alternatives include stainless steel, enamel-coated stainless, and Japanese wooden lacquerware.

Please note that all of these options should not go in the microwave (which has never been a hang up for me), and that only the plain stainless can go in the dishwasher, which is certainly something I consider when purchasing everyday dishes. Although the color bowls sure are cute!

One thing to consider as you children grow and have play dates is their friends coming over for snacks or lunch. Although my children have always used (and have never broken) glass tumblers and stoneware plates and bowls, it's always nice to have stainless options available for children not necessarily used to using breakable things. It's not the child's fault, they simply don't know that a dropped cup at your house would break...it doesn't at home. So I have a few stainless products on hand for visitors.

There are many wonderful products on the site for all areas of your life. So if you visit lifewithoutplastic.com for children's ware, be sure to stay awhile to de-plasticize other areas of your life as well!

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