Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When my first was born, I obviously bought a new stroller. When my second was born, I needed a double stroller...although looking back I probably really didn't need one as I only used it for a short time (anyone in the market for a double Peg Perego?). And for my third, I couldn't justify a new stroller purchase knowing this was going to be our final (planned) addition to the family.

And so, I was excited when a myMonkeymoo stroller pad and blanket set arrived! Something new for baby Hazel to call her own and love...and she does! She holds the silky soft swirl chenille of the blanket up to her face...she loves soft things! And I love the hip and stylish fabric on the reverse side.

myMonkeymoo offers stroller blankets, stroller pads, and stroller blanket/pad sets. Each of these products truly change the entire look of your stroller and come in 11 great fabric prints to choose from...everything from an Eiffel Tower print and blue zoo animals (like the Dwell Baby print) to stripes and florals. It's difficult to pick your favorite!

Blankets ($64.00), pads ($69.00) and sets ($133.00) are available for purchase at

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