Monday, April 6, 2009

Pack-N-Tote Reusable Grocery Tote

I'm a fan of reusable bags, but not of all of them you see in every chain store across America. I fear the reusable "trend," as it is to some, has created far more waste than the traditional use and toss bags. All of the manufacturing that is involved and fearing the vast majority of the bags won't be reused any way leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'm much more calculated in my purchases and think about where I need reusable products and which ones will meet my needs the most consistently and reliably.

The Pack-N-Tote is one product I've given a lot of thought and have come to realize there is no better bag for me when it comes to grocery shopping. Here's how it works:

Each bag features durable hooks that are built into the handles that lock onto the sides of a shopping cart...your bags stay open, which I love! You simply click them into place upon picking your cart (and wiping down the handle bar, I hope)...there is even a pocket on the side to hold your keys, shopping list, etc. Then you, place all of your items inside the bags while shopping. Upon checking out, your items are returned to the bags inside the cart. The bags can be released easily from the cart and then you carry them by the handles.

The Pack-N-Tote is made from recyclable polypropylene which means they are very durable, easy to clean, won't mold, and hold up to 45 pounds of groceries. They fold down very small and don't take up a lot of room when not in use. All you need is two to fill an entire grocery cart (although larger carts can hold three bags).

The Pack-N-Tote is available at for $6.00 each.

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