Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sprig Hollow

You all may remember my first write up of Sprig Toys back in November...just in time for holiday gift purchases. I had mentioned that their great toys are made from an eco-friendly, bio-composite called Sprigwood which is reclaimed wood and recycled plastic...the compound contains no heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, urea or formaldehyde. You can read all about their company and vision here.

Well, the geniuses at Sprig Toys have been hard at work creating some amazing new vehicles for our little ones. They have a new line called Sprig Hollow which centers around Bee and Butterfly characters and their imaginative vehicles. These toys are sure to bring hours upon hours of play in the water, sand and garden (dirt) this Spring and Summer. My children have already logged three hours playing outside with these and it's only been above 45° twice this year! And that time does not include the hours spend inside playing with the vehicles and packing peanuts.

Each vehicle comes equipped with detachable tools and water-resistant materials in order to sustain play and expand possibilities. The pieces and characters are chunky, colorful, and adorable, just like lovable cartoons. And each set you purchase comes with plantable seeds for you and your child to watch grow right alongside his or her imagination...these toys are kid-powered and require no batteries.

Find a retailer near you and see the Dunebug, Dragonfly's HeliScoopter, Bee and Butterfly's Farm, and Honey Bee's Garden Home at Or visit where they have a large selection of Sprig Toys.

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