Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better Life Cleaners

There are so many cleaners on the market claiming to be green. But what kind of green are they talking about? The kind that makes some green profit for their company? Or the kind of green that provides the safest, most eco-friendly products on the market? Without government standards on the terms green and eco-friendly, it's difficult to differentiate these days. But there is surely one clear green company: Better Life! If a company goes so far as to have their website solar-powered, you know they're the real deal!

Oh, and their products really work too...we can't forget that important fact! I've used their 2am Miracle cleaner all around my home and never thought, "This isn't doing such a good job on the maple syrup on the table, but I need to remember that it's good for the environment so I guess I'll squirt and wipe a few extra times." Nope, you squirt, you wipe, and it's gone! And smells wonderfully! I also used that cleaners on a few of August and Marthas' baby items I had stored in a closet before passing them down to baby Hazel and it worked like a charm...I felt confident the items were clean and that they were safe for her to put her mouth on!

Better Life cleaning products are for a better life for our kids, pets, us parents, and the planet! Learn more, including purchase locations, at cleanhappens.com.

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