Tuesday, May 19, 2009


From the moment I opened GurglePot's website and heard the sound of the fish pitcher in action, I was in love. And when my GurglePot arrived and my children saw and heard the gurgleing first hand, they couldn't drink enough water...a great thing since they're spending most waking hours outdoors running and exploring! If you want to hear it for yourself, click here! See what I mean?

These beautiful fish-shaped pitchers/vases/party entertainment/motivators-for-kids-to-drink-their-milk was inspired by creator, Matt Ellison's trip to France for his brother's wedding. He stayed with a host family who had a fish-shaped pitcher that gurgled...a saving grace during long dinners where no common language was spoken. Upon Matt's return home he began sculpting his own version of the fish pitcher...and created the GurglePot!

GurglePot is available for $40.00 in 12 different gorgeous colors at gurglepot.com.

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