Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potting Shed Creations

My children love to garden! They have an active hand in starting our seeds each Spring, tending to the gardens in the Summer, and they certainly enjoy the benefits of their hard work as they eat fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs throughout the year!

In addition to our family gardens, they enjoy having plants of their own to care for...and I think it's a wonderful lesson for them as well, caring for something other than themselves. If you're looking to get your children interested in gardening, or if you're looking for a special thank you gift, house warming present, or birthday surprise for an upcoming party, look no further than Potting Shed Creations!

Organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and trees are all available from Potting Shed Creations in a wide variety of great packaging. There are environmentally friendly pots such as the rice hull pot shown in the basil photograph above, bags, pails and little tins full of seeds.

I believe caring for living plants teaches children responsibility, compassion, and that hard work pays off. And starting plants in these great containers in your home or outdoors this spring and summer will be beneficial for many years to come. If only to encourage your child to eat a meal made using herbs snipped off a plant started in your kitchen!

See all of the plant and container options at pottingshedcreations.com.

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