Monday, May 4, 2009

Sakura Bloom

I had never tried a ring sling before Sakura Bloom...and I'm now kicking myself realizing I could have had this comfort and fit with all three children. It's so wonderful to have a sling that fits both my husband and me where our baby is happy!

Sakura Bloom's slings are made of natural or linen (I have silk). My husband was home when I took our sling from it's package (a great reusable box) and it took some convincing for me to get him to believe it was silk. I think his idea of silk is like that of most people...shiny with cheesy prints on it. But Sakura Bloom's silks are thick, luscious, solid in color, and extremely stylish...for both men and women!

I use my Sakura Bloom sling daily with baby Hazel...we like the tummy to tummy and the hip carry (she's too big for the cradle carry now and I have yet to try the kangaroo...maybe I'll give it a shot today). Hazel is very comfortable in the sling and I'm able to get things done with both hands...for my other children (never for myself, but I take what I can get). It goes on in a snap, Hazel is comfortable, and it looks great!

I have the licorice/slate blue sling and both my husband and I absolutely love the bold blue against the midnight licorice color. Like the guy in the photo above, we wrap the end around the ring when wearing it...and sometimes leave a bit hanging off as Hazel loves chewing on it. Good thing it's machine washable!

If you haven't tried a ring sling, I highly recommend you do! And if style and quality is at all important to you, I suggest you start with Sakura Bloom! I looked around and couldn't find a ring sling that came close to comparing to the total package this sling provides! And with the versatile textiles of silk and linen, there is a sling for each person in each climate.

See all of their amazing colors and styles at Linen slings start at $88.00 and silk starts at $180.00. I suggest taking a look at their questions and concept sections prior to purchasing...they're full of wonderful information that will help you determine which sling is right for you!

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