Monday, May 11, 2009

Single Daddys Handbook

Every once in a while I go and look at the list of people following me on Twitter. I'm always amazed at the wonderful parents and fellow bloggers out there overflowing with talent and thoughtfulness. One recent follower is @DaddysHandbook of Single Daddys Handbook, where I found this great post on celebrating little rights of passage.

Laine suggests purchasing a bottle of very fine glitter and then when your little one, who lost a tooth, goes to sleep, cover their face and hair (I don't know about the hair though...that could be tricky to get out) with the glittery fairy dust. When your child wakes in the morning, act surprised at the mess the fairy left saying, "This is the biggest fairy mess I've ever must be extra special!" Your child will swell with pride!

See more thoughtful activities and parenting concepts for single fathers and mothers, as well as shared parenting families, at

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  1. I just visited singledaddys and loved it! what a bunch of fantastic ideas...and I can do them all. Wish I would've discovered this site earlier, my boys are so big already. I can squeeze some more fun stuff in with my 6 year old yet. Thanks for the tip, I love this guy!! Awesome info. Shannon. Alexandra