Monday, June 15, 2009

Lovell Designs

If you've read this blog before, you know I appreciate color, form and function. And so does Alison Lovell, the creator of Lovell Designs. So it is no surprise that I'm a fan of her work! The idea behind her products is this: "Take an everyday household item that has a purpose, like a storage bin or a hamper, and transforming it into a decorative piece that stands on its own."

I was having trouble with my son remembering to put his clothes in our hamper. He now has a Lovell Designs hamper in his room and voilĂ , the pride in having a hamper of his own coupled with the fact that the red print "looks like stitching on a baseball" has apparently motivated him to keep his room clean...for over a month now!

And the great fabric bin in my kitchen looks stylish and like it belongs, all while hiding my baby's bibs and face cleaning supplies! Walk around your home and find a place where you need some organizing (or masking of a mess), and I'm sure Lovell Designs will have a stylish solution!

See all of the lovely prints and learn more about Lovell Designs products (including bins, hampers, pillows, bags and breastfeeding pillows) at! Products may be purchased at and

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