Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Office of the Tooth Fairy

My order from Office of the Tooth Fairy arrived last week and I couldn't wait to share with all of you preparing for your child's first tooth loss!

The Official Tooth Fairy Kit, as it's called, contains one letterpress Certificate of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy along with one reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag for the first and all subsequent tooth-related transactions.

Because I've always been a thorough record-keeper of my children's youth, I LOVE that the letterpress and embossed certificate has areas to fill in the child's name, age, specific tooth lost, method of extraction and the compensation!

The entire kit (bag and certificate) is $16.00 at There are also individual certificates available for $6.00 which are perfect for siblings (you reuse the bag...I already ordered them for my other two younger childre), or if you'd like to keep record of your child's entire dental loss.

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