Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sophie & Lili

My daughter loves to leave the house with a doll, but most of her little girls are too heavy for her to tote around on long trips to Target or the grocery store. If your little one never wants to leave home alone, you too will love Sophie & Lili dolls! Each little one is digitally printed on 100% quilting weight cotton and paired with fun complimentary prints. This makes them very light to tote, super cute, and extra squeezable!

Sophie & Lili dolls are handmade and can be customized with a name patch for your little one. New dolls are always being added, so check back to add little friends for your girl and her doll! I especially love the latest addition to the Sophie & Lili dolls that are perfect for playing school and family!

Visit Sophie & Lili's Etsy store at where mini dolls are $11.00 and full-size dolls are $22.00.

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