Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zid Zid

When I was a child, my parents used to pack snacks for my brother and I when we'd drive to Kenosha, Wisconsin...it was a 30 mile drive that seemed to take an eternity. Today, my children travel with ease and the state of Wisconsin seems much, much smaller! In fact, one of my favorite things about writing Ugga Mugga is that it has proven to me how small the world has become! I've made friends across the United States and around the globe...something I hope my children do as well!

And so, with this small planet of ours in mind, I want to tell you a bit about Zid Zid, the stylish maker of products from Marrakech, Morocco! Zid Zid offers home and accessory items...many for children and a few for us parents.

Their babush slippers are unbeatable and are durable enough to wear outside and their stylish backpacks for children and clutches and totes for parents (see the giveaway!) are super strong and will last years of heaving toting! Their Folktale Dolls (another giveaway item) all have a lesson for your little one about teamwork or the importance of virtues. The poofs and pillows are perfect for throwing down for comfortable movie watching or kicking your feet up on game nights! But my favorite products are the Wall Panels!

My son started our city's Safety Town last week and it runs Monday through Friday two hours a day for two weeks. I've gotten a taste of the busy life ahead of me this fall when he starts Kindergarten...and I'm confident this Days of the Week panel will make my mornings as hassle-free as they're capable of being.

For the past two weeks I've been trying to organize the day ahead by placing all I need in the corresponding day. This has helped me remember to bring completed paperwork, to apply sunscreen on outside days, and to return my daughter's ballet class projects. I can only imagine how helpful it will be when actual school begins!

And as with all Zid Zid products, I adore the bright colors, Moroccan inspiration clearly found in the designs, and the small-world concept it teaches my children! And to know that it is handmade by local artists living in Marrakech, Morocco who are fairly paid using chemical-free, natural and recycled cotton makes this product flawless!

Zid Zid products are available at many online retailers and in local boutiques across the United States and abroad! I've found a good selection at bebebabble.com, oliebollen.com, amazon.com, designpublic.com, and oompa.com. The Zid Zid Days of the Week wall panel is available at amazon.com for $137.99.

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