Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Crispery

I really don't remember how I first discovered The Crispery, but I sure am glad I did! Their generously-sized marshmallow bars are amazing and as gourmet as a marshmallow can get!

Although The Crispery's Crispycakes are available in a handful of shops across the country, there are none in Wisconsin...which is probably a good thing...for my waistline. I do, however, order them online from time to time as a treat for my family.

Our favorites are the Caramel & Marshmallow and the Crispy S'more! We've also had quite a few of the other ones as well, and none of them are worth passing over...but the two I mentioned are exceptionally yummy according to my family poll.

Visit to browse their 18 individual crispycake options or to order a sampler pack. You're sure to get hooked!

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