Thursday, July 9, 2009


My oldest child, August, was a late talker. When he was about 15 months I began teaching him sign language to ease his frustrations...he took to it quickly and began speaking shortly after, although we continued signing. When he was two, my daughter Martha was born and we signed with her from the beginning. It was amazing to see a 7-month old communicating when she was hungry by signing milk. It blew me away, as well as many friends and family. And now, my daughter Hazel is starting to sign as well.

I learned sign language from various books and online resources which was a bit time consuming. I wish I had mocobabies products back then!

Mocobabies has created sign language flash cards full of all of the words you'd want your child to know in their first couple of years. They are durable for little hands and make learning fun! Couple those with the placemat at meal times (double-sided and full of feeding and food signs) and the stickers in appropriate places around you home and signing with your baby will be a piece of cake!

Having my daughter Hazel signing milk at 7 months when she's hungry takes the guess work out of deciphering her cries. She makes the sign and knows immediately that I'll be picking her up and taking her to the couch to nurse. She instantly relaxes and knows her needs will be met. And the benefits of signing has continued into toddlerhood and the preschool years with my older children. I'm able to communicate with them across a room at play dates and at story time when we need to be quiet.

Visit to see more photos of their well-designed products and to purchase. Prices start at $8.99 for the placemat or purchase the full kit of flash cards, stickers and the placemat for $49.99 (a savings of over 15%). And once signing takes off, I highly suggest the Signing Time DVDs...such a great program for children to watch and reinforce signing while enjoy themselves! I love watching it with my children and picking up new signs as well. Before you know it, you and your children will be bilingual!

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