Monday, July 20, 2009

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty

This post is for us mothers who want to look put together without taking longer than five minutes in the morning to apply makeup. I'll admit, I've never been a big makeup wearer...I've always preferred a natural, low-maintenance appearance. Now that I'm solidly in my 30s, I've realized that I need to wear some makeup...but in a way that looks like I'm not wearing makeup. If I look like I'm wearing makeup I believe I look at least five years older. And so my battle with aging begins!

I recently learned about Sally Hansen's new Natural Beauty line inspired by renowned makeup artist Carmindy while watching What Not to Wear. Each product in this affordable line was created to enhance your natural beauty and feels weightless and very comfortable...even on me, someone with no makeup history. The entire collection is paraben-free and filled with natural anti-oxidants and botanicals like bamboo powder, cork oak extract, pomegranate, rice starch and sunflower seed oil.

All of the products work seamlessly together which is helpful for someone with limited experience. It's taken little practice to learn how to apply each product and I now have a five minute routine in the morning that leaves me looking fresh and light and I wish I really looked when I rolled out of bed.

Some of my favorite products I rely on to look well-rested and sun-kissed are the Natural Highlighter and Sun Glow Powder Bronzer...I couldn't believe the difference these made when I first put them on! The Natural Highlighter brings light to the skin and creates instant radiance and a glow that makes skin look it's best! I apply it to a few key places around my eyes and voilĂ looks like I've actually slept through the night!

I also appreciate the Natural Shine Lip Gloss and Ultra Soothing Lip Tint which are comfortable to wear and I believe make me look polished (they also taste pretty good).

I now marvel that I was able to live to 34 without the natural assistance of Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty line! Thank you've helped me learn to age gracefully and look my best, naturally, while keeping my three-ring/kids circus performing at it's best!

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