Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm very picky about what my children sleep in. I steer clear of anything containing even a smiggen of polyester because I want them to breathe and I only buy soft, soft, soft pajamas because I want them to be as comfortable and heavenly as they look all snuggled up with their lovies in bed. Snugglebum meets all of these requirements...and they look great doing it!

Snugglebum pajamas and loungewear/playwear are so well made and thought out that they fit for longer than most competitors. They are snug enough to ensure the pieces won't ride up or wrap around you child so as not to make them uncomfortable...and at the same time, they are the perfect length in the body, arms and pants allowing for easy movement and growth! You and your child will love these!

One more thing, this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning how adorable little ones look in these stylish and fitted'll surely want to take their picture!

Snugglebum products are available at where their warmer clothing lines are currently on sale since winter is half over in Australia! Use a currency converter to see how far your US dollar will'll be surprised! Stock up now!

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