Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Milestones Frames

As my regular readers know, I'm sentimental. My son's first day of kindergarten this week was no exception. And although I had pictured it getting easier each morning I walked him to school, it's not. Perhaps it's even getting more difficult. To ease my pain, I'm researching milestone's the first product in a theme that will reoccur over the next few days.

I found this First Milestones Frame on Chasing Fireflies website. For $18.00, you receive 9 mat inserts perfect for capturing your child's first birthday, bath, haircut, meal, friends, steps, smile, tooth, and yes, first day of school.

Although this set comes with one white wood frame (measures 6" by 10") to update with each milestone, these would be great all hung together on a wall!

Available in pink or blue at

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