Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Graze Organic

With three children, you can imagine the number of snacks I need to pack for trips to Costco, play dates, school and for the baby to eat during her older brother and sisters' activities! And I truly believe that every bag matters. So you can imagine how excited I was when my set of reusable sandwich and snack bags arrived from Graze Organic!

I must admit that although I am a fan of reusable bags, I had never purchased them in a snack/sandwich size because I just didn't like the plastic lining in them. I do not have the time to specially wash yet another thing since caring for my family of five (plus our dog)...we make plenty of messes and laundry that keeps me busy enough. Graze Organic bags do not have the plastic lining...they are made to simply be thrown in the laundry. That, I can handle!

These stylish reusable bags are made for 100% organic cotton and printed using water-based inks. I love their modern yet vintage hip look that will also teach my children word recognition...the first step in reading. They're colorful and my children are proud to use them. And for adults and older children who want to forgo the illustrations (although I personally like them), there is a set of sleek bags which simply states "because every bag matters."

Visit to purchase the bags. Prices start at $24.00 for a set of three and a set of five is $38.00.


  1. We use these bags EVERY day for my son at school. They're incredible!

  2. Those look cool. And the weelicious site has some great tips! Our family is actually obsessed with the itzy ritzy snack bags at they hold up really well and our kids love them (I give them as hostess presents too - filled with nuts or chocolate.

  3. The Itzy Ritzy snack bags do look nice, but they have the plastic lining which requires extra steps to clean, as I mentioned in the post. I know many people are fine with that, but I simply don't have the time! :) Thanks for sharing, however, for those who do! The lead-free zipper and BPA-free plastic sounds great!