Sunday, September 6, 2009


Who wouldn't want Food Network chef Tyler Florence to prepare their meals for them? I know I would! Although this dream can not become a reality for me, it can for my baby Hazel thanks to Sprout.

Sprout is all organic baby food that comes in a pouch instead of a jar. Their special packaging is constructed of layers of BPA-free materials with one foil layer to preserve the nutritional profile as well as the flavor and color of the food.

Because Sprout's packaging cannot be recycled (although they are making finding a way a priority), I think the pouch design is perfect for traveling...which is when I use it. There's no need to worry about glass jars breaking in your diaper bag, and the slim pouch design doesn't take up much room. OK, now on to the food...

Sprout Organic Baby Food is delicious. Absolutely scrumptious! The fruits are roasted bringing out the natural sweetness and the pairings are flavors that compliment each other in a natural way. Whenever Hazel is eating her Sprout pouches, my other two children ask to taste them. I've already had to make them sweet potatoes with white beans and roasted apples with blueberries...their two favorite. But Hazel, she hasn't met a flavor she doesn't like yet!

Visit to purchase pouches for your little one! You just might find a new food pairing for yourself (like peas and green beans with a hint of mint). Now if only Tyler Florence could cook for us parents!

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