Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mama's Mood Lifters

Look, I'll be the first to admit that there are certainly difficult days when you're a parent. Just today I exchanged emails with a friend whose son was in a funk like mine due to the dreary weather and minor cold. And we all know that once something or someone is off, the days usually snowball. When you're in the middle, beginning, or end of one of those moments or days, reach for a deck of Mama's Mood Lifters!

Mama's Mood Lifters are printed on recycled cardstock and come in a cotton pouch. Each of the 32 cards has an inspirational quote to read, reflect upon, and to encourage a deep breath. Next, is an activity to do in the moment with your child. There is no preparation or materials needed. Simply read the card, get inspired, and change your grumpy child (or self) into a giggling one!

Want to know what type of activities there are in store for you? Here are two I've tried that my children and I really enjoyed:
  • What is it?: Grab a bag or pillow case. Put different objects in it Have your child feel and guess what they are.
  • Baby Burrito: Lay a blanket on the floor. Tell your child to lie on it, you're making a baby burrito. Decide what you want in it. Cheese (throw in a pillow) Guacamole (throw in a stuffed animal) Beans (throw in a few socks) continue to build your burrito with any soft objects you can find. Then roll your child and all the things up in the blanket and gobble him up!
Visit mamasmoodlifters.com to purchase. What a thoughtful gift for a friend (or dad...not just for mamas)!

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