Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had an Intellivision growing up...Pitfall was my favorite game to play. When my brother and I got a bit older, our parents purchased a Nintendo and I proudly mastered Super Mario Bros. Oh, what an accomplishment. Still, to this day, I can sit down and without thinking, breeze through the boards...it's like riding a bike.

I have a bit of a mathematical mind which is why video games have always been up my alley. But I'm sure you all notice that I'm also an outdoorsy girl. My family hikes, we take walk after walk, we garden, and we play a lot of sports. Exercise and fresh air are a plenty in our house. That is, until this week when all of our winter jackets, hats, mittens, and boots were brought out to use daily for the next 7 months. Winter in Wisconsin is l-o-n-g!

To help us get through and enjoy some competition and physical activity indoors, my husband and I purchased a Wii a couple of years ago. It really has been a lifesaver on days when our children have a lot of energy, but the wind chill is simply too low...especially with a baby in the house. On those days, I have the option of putting in a sport, driving, or Star Wars The Clone Wars lightsaber fighting game and my kids jump around the TV room until they're worn out.

I too love the WiiFit program along with WiiSports...my husband and I have had many tennis, home run hitting, golf, and bowling competitions after the kids have gone to sleep. We bought the Wii for us just as much as for them.

I have friends who are surprised I allow my children to play video games...they're just too nervous to introduce them into their homes. But like all things, it's so incredibly important to teach children moderation and how to make good choices...and why. Afterall, if you feed a man a fish as apposed to teach him to fish... Well, you know the story.

If you're looking for something new, something to keep your kids moving this winter, or for an exercise routine you can do indoors, I highly suggest purchasing a Wii. Family game night will have a whole new meaning!

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