Sunday, January 31, 2010

GG2G Lota Bag

I loved the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. It took me on a mental vacation to another time and was written so thoroughly that I could clearly see every detail in the picture the words painted. But there were a few difficult scenes to read because of the imagery in my head when the dear gentle elephant was mistreated...unfortunately not a rarity for circus animals.

One such example is Lota, an Indian elephant who was taken from her native habitat in 1951 (she was only one year old) and shipped off to Milwaukee, I'm ashamed to say. Sweet Lota then had to endure 50 years of misery as she was abused and "trained" circus tricks to perform. Finally, she was rescued and placed in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. There she lived the remainder of her life...85 days.

Born Free's Lota bag is made in her honor...and is made of billboards that featured her plight. GG2G (Green Goods to Give) is the creative and thoughtful name behind this bag...a bag I hope all of you consider purchasing to raise awareness for the treatment of kept animals and to keep Lota's memory alive.

Each tote is $30 and is available at

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    Day (gg2g)