Monday, March 8, 2010

The Copper Ewe

I am on a first name basis with not only my postal carrier, but the UPS and FedEx delivery men as well due to them delivering packages to my home almost daily. Very rarely am I disappointed when I open a package. And even less often is my breath taken away when I unfold the top of a box and reveal it's happened today.

Because today my package from The Copper Ewe arrived!

The Copper Ewe is run by a talented artist named Roisin who I've had the pleasure of exchanging emails with over the last week. She is as lovely as her work....which is quite a feat in itself! I mean, just look at the intricate beauty of each letter above!

So when I opened my package, I first spied my daughter Hazel's name in the natural twig letters and then August's name in silver...each beautiful in their own unique way and each fitting their personalities. And then I saw the intricate silver bird nest with three little eggs inside and then the initial pendent for Martha. We both put our necklaces on at once!

Since this afternoon when the art arrived, my mind has been racing with more uses for the twig letters and people I can gift with The Copper Ewe jewelry. I could picture the twig letters spelling out FAMILY over a wall of photographs, LOVE over a bed, EAT in my kitchen, and SISTERS in my girls' shared room. And the meaningful necklaces and rings Roisin creates are perfect for modern mothers as they are subtle in their representation of children.

Another favorite product of mine that I plan on purchasing in the very near future for my fairy lover Martha is the Faerie Kits! These amazing kits come partially assembled and are to be completed by the recipient. I can imagine the hours of fun Martha and our family will have creating an intimate wonderland.

The Copper Ewe has products available at Chasing Fireflies and Viva Terra...two of my favorite online retailers. However, if you're like me, if you have the opportunity to purchase directly from an artisan, you jump at it! And here is that opportunity because all of these great items I've mentioned, and more, are available on Roisin's website located at Although I do understand if you want to add a few twig letters into an order with one of the before-mentioned webshops!

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