Monday, April 26, 2010

Lunch Punch

My mom was way ahead of her time. When I was in elementary school, she used to surprise me by cutting a shape in my sandwiches with cookie cutters. I had nearly forgotten about it when one day, my children were feeling a bit grumpy.

I had spent all morning doing art projects and trying to entertain them to kick the crabby out of the house...and hadn't really accounted for lunch. And so we were just going to have good 'ol PB&J. When all of a sudden, I remembered the cookie cutter sandwiches...and sure enough, the trick brought a smile to their faces! Thanks Mom!

Well, Lunch Punch has one-upped my mom with their sandwich-shaped cutters with ingenious designs! The puzzle is my favorite and perfect for small eaters who like to nibble on various things. You can make 2-3 different sandwiches and put them together! No more mealtime boredom!

There are a few different shapes and sizes to choose from so whether you make your own bread or buy it from the store, there is sure to be a lunch to punch in your home! But don't stop punching there! These would work with Rice Krispie treats, cookies, homemade granola bars, etc.

Lunch Punch puzzle cutters are available at (free shipping on a $25 order) and both the puzzle and animals cutters are available at Visit for more information.

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