Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glass Straws

My husband is the Smoothie King. Every weekend he makes a big batch for the family and we go to town until our mouths are purple from the berries.

Half of the year the smoothies are made with blueberries we've picked in Michigan and froze. He pours plain organic yogart, berries, and bananas in a bowl and then purees it with our immersion blender (it's my opinion that everyone should have an immersion blender...they're a must of soups, smoothies, dips, etc.). The blender requires very little cleanup, they're fast to make, and healthy to eat! The kids love smoothie day! I do too...even more so now that I've eliminated the waste of straws!

I purchased our family some Dharma glass straws. I know, the thought of glass straws and children sounds like a recipe for absolute disaster...but hear me out. When my husband opened the package on Father's Day, his first thought was much like I imagine yours is as you read this. But he quickly opened the box and said, "Wow, these are really thick and strong." And I'm happy to report the kids have used them and we've had no trouble!

I read a lot of reviews prior to purchasing them and everyone said they couldn't believe how durable they were...even with their children. One women said she even dropped hers in the sink and it's still as strong as ever.

If smoothies or other straw drinks are a usual at your house, head over to or to purchase.


  1. Do you know if they are sold individually or if they are sold in a pack of 2 or 4?

  2. They're sold individually on Amazon. But I just did a Google search (which I should have done prior to posting...sorry) and found them at Reusable Bags sold as a set of 3: Much cheaper!