Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lego for Muji

I nearly hyperventilated yesterday when I happened quite by accident on information that lead to me know Lego and Muji teamed up to make Lego paper crafts. My children, my husband, and myself all love Legos. My children, my husband, and myself all love paper crafts. These kits couldn't be more perfect for us! And I'm sure my family is not alone in our adoration for these hobbies.

So, if your children (or you) are interested, you'll be bummed to learn these are a bit hard to find. They're available from Muji's website (link here)...and you can translate it to English to purchase. Or, there are a few sets popping up on eBay and Etsy.

Personally, I think we'll purchase the puncher and then make our own shapes and designs since imagination runs a-plenty for my kidos. My husband already suggested paint chips for the paper (I love that idea!), and I thought of going to a scrapbooking store for templates on shapes and things.

I can see us glittering them, making Christmas ornaments, banners, and much, much more. I'm thrilled the world has gotten so small!

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