Thursday, July 15, 2010

ERGObaby Performance Carriers

I've been pleased lately when I see a review for a forward-facing carrier on People Magazine's Celebrity Baby Blog because the comments are full of informed parents who know these carriers are not ergonomically (and developmentally) ideal for baby...or the parents wearing them!

It's great to see parent-facing carriers finally catching up in popularity in the USA to fall in line with the rest of the it is with breastfeeding and cloth diapering.

I was thrilled today when I learned that superstar baby carrier company ERGO Baby has a new carrier line called Performance Carriers!

If you're familiar with ERGO you may be wondering what they could have possibly improved...they're the gold standard for baby carriers. And those who own them know they're well worth the price tag as you use them long into todderlerhood. And if you're planning on having more than one child, well, you can imagine how worth the investment is!

Hazel will be two this fall and I can tell you we are not even close to approaching an end date with her in our ERGO! And even with her being our last child, I'm considering purchasing this new Performance's why:
  1. It's lighter (about 1/3 that of ERGObaby's Standard carrier). It has a mesh lining that's great for active parents like my husband and I with our older children who love all things outdoors.
  2. It has a water-repellant exterier to provide extra protection against the elements.
  3. The shoulder straps are contoured to keep baby close (like the Standard carrier). This eliminates strain on shoulders and back. Plus, the Performance carrier has thinner padding which provides the cushion without the bulk.
  4. The chest strap easily adjusts to accommodate multiple wearers, like you'd expect to do on a long hike.
  5. And one extra variation from the Standard carrier is that the Performance's waist belt extends an extra 5" longer to provide a better fit for babywearers of all sizes.
If you want to take a closer look at ERGObaby Performance or Standard carriers, visit The Performance line starts at $120.00, the Standard at $105.00, and the organic line at $120.

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