Thursday, July 8, 2010

Raspberry Muffin Recipe

All three of my children and I are home sick today (my husband is sick too, but he's at work) and we haven't left the house since Monday. We don't want to infect anyone, and the 90° temperatures and extreme humidity are not friendly to our fevers and stuffy heads. We needed to get outside, if even for a few minutes we headed to the yard. We found the raspberry bushes overflowing with ripe berries to be picked! That cheered us up!

The bowl we brought outside was inadequate and after it was overflowing, I told the kids they could eat the rest right off the bush. We headed in with smiles on our faces to make some muffins...we needed to do something lasting with them because there is evidence of a guaranteed bowl-full tomorrow as well.

I recently discovered Weelicious, a site full of child-friendly recipes. I've been spending a lot of time over there getting some meal and snack ideas for my familly. There are a lot of fun ones that can be personalized to any family's eating styles. And what I appreciate about the recipes is that they're not dumbed down for children...the ingredients are highlighted and celebrated...not snuck in for children. Take a look at the site...I'm sure you'll be hooked like me! Anyway, back to our muffins...

I had remembered seeing a recipe that sounded healthy and delicious for strawberry muffins on Weelicious and so I looked it up and made it with our freshly-picked raspberries in place of the strawberries. I can saw with confidence I have a new favorite, go-to, berry muffin recipe! They are delicious! And they are nearly gone! Here's a link to the recipe.

PS - You may notice my muffins are topped with something resembling turbinado sugar...and you'd be correct! It's a habit I just can't break!

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