Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ecostore USA

There are many eco-friendly cleaners on the market, but how many of them were born on a true eco village? Because that's where Ecostore began.

I learned on their website that "all of the families that lived in the farm based eco village shared a commitment to organic growing and healthy living, making this an ideal environment in which a young, environmentally conscious business could thrive. Each household in the village was responsible for their own waste water, which quickly highlighted the problems caused by using regular supermarket cleaning products that relied heavily on cheap, petroleum-based, synthetic ingredients."

I recently had the opportunity to try their Body Wash and Baby Moisturizer with my kids (and myself) and was really happy with them! They are very concentrated which is lovely since many eco cleaners are's so nice to know a little goes a l-o-n-g way!

In addition to the baby cleansers and moisturizers, there are household cleansers as well for counters, dishes, and laundry...and a few products for us parents as well. And this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning how wonderful these products smell. Clean and bright!

Visit to learn more and to purchase.

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