Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guyot Designs

Parenting and outdoor lifestyles have a lot in common:
  1. They are adventurous.
  2. They require a whole lot of planning before you leave the house.
  3. Durable products are appreciated...preferably waterproof and unbreakable.
  4. A desire to care for our planet for future generations is important.
  5. And many more...
Considering all of the similarities, it isn't at all surprising that many products are marketed toward parents of young children and those who camp, hike, ski, mountain-bike, etc. Guyot Designs is one of those companies reaching out to both groups.

Their Squishy Bowls, shown on the left, are one of my new favorite products! They can be packed easily for a road trip, picnic, or day outing in a diaper bag...or simply carried into the play room with a snack for my kids without any worries of it breaking. The smaller sizes also make great break-free cups for kids.

The MicroBites shown on the right are great to keep on hand as well (I have some in my glove box and have used them more than a few times when we're out and about). They are 5 utensils in 1: spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader. Talk about multi-tasking!

Guyot Designs also offer stainless steel food jars and lights to turn your water bottle into a lantern (what kid wouldn't want that?!)...and Squishy shot glasses, but perhaps that's where the similarities between parenting and outdoor adventures end...unless you're at my house after a long day. I kid.....kind of.

Visit to learn more and to purchase. Their products are also available at where they ship free with a $25 order.

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